Smartphone Wars: Does Size Really Matter?

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In today’s world, where things in technology are always getting bigger in more ways than one, it can be confusing as to what gadget to get. Of course, smartphones are no exception as there are so many different choices available on the market. The consumer has so much to think of when they are looking to buy a new device, and this includes not only the operating system and brand but size as well. As the question has always begged, does size really matter?

For many consumers, size doesn’t really matter. For those individuals, the only concern Read more…

How HTML5 Changes the Game for Programmers

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While its impact may not seem very significant at the moment, HTML5 is going to change the game for programmers.

Even though its acceptance as the standard version of the programming language HTML is still years away, programmers are already hard at work understanding the language and using it on existing websites. Indeed, it you have used the popular video sharing website YouTube in the last year or so, you have already seen HTML5 put into practice.

The reason HTML5 is such a Read more…

Cross Platform Security Software Options For Everyone

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These days, staying secure while on the web and over wireless phone connections is more important than ever. After all, there are constantly people out there who are looking to steal unsuspecting people’s information and use it to their own advantage. This is especially true when you take into consideration the fact that identity theft is now among the most frequently reported crimes in the entire world. The Internet and mobile connections have been a large contributor to this. Fortunately, there are some security options that can be explored by anybody who is Read more…

Tablet Wars: Does Size Really Matter?

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Now that the tablet market is in full swing, customers have dozens of options when it comes to finding the product that will be perfect for their own needs. Most individuals tend to take a look at the manufacturer, price, and operating system of a tablet, but more emphasis is now being placed on the size of the tablet.

In order to gain a better understanding of the perfect size for a tablet PC, one must compare the needs of the customers and the profit of the company. Companies are looking to make as much profit as possible, Read more…

Most Popular Smartphones for the Busy Professional

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The smartphone market remains one of the biggest technology sectors in the world and advancements continue to change at an alarming rate. For the busy professional that would like a powerful tool at their fingertips, many customers have settled on just a handful of products that make multi-tasking, planning, and staying as efficient as possible easier than ever. For many, the iPhone 5 will almost always be in the list of contenders. The iPhone series of phones have broken a number of records and the iPhone 5 continues the unparalleled tradition of iPhone with a handful of features that any professional will love. This includes the ability to maintain a single database of files across all Apple products such as music, work files, Satellite TV, videos, books, and much more. One of the biggest introductions to the smartphone market since the iPhone is the Samsung Galaxy 4S. Not only does this phone have specifications that rival that of the iPhone, they have also adopted a number of advanced features that are sure to set it apart. This includes exciting new options and apps that directly interact with the phone’s camera such as ImageON, a simple search tool that analyzes pictures to identify objects.